Well, it has been busy since January 1 – but, as usual, never a dull moment here at Healthcare Solutions – A Christian Ministry.

I was blessed with being able to move into a larger apartment two weeks ago. It feels like forever ago. But, my house looks like I just moved in – still lots of boxes to unpack. It’s hard to believe I had all this stuff in that little apartment. But, I am also blessed with many friends who have stepped up to the plate to help me.

While I continue to be annoyed by many health problems, I do believe it is getting better. This week, I have been able to accomplish more physically than I have been able to do in a very long time. Although, from time to time, my body is quick to let me know I have gone too far.

God has been gracious to me as well as to the clients I serve. I am still trying to catch up with work – between moving and being sick, a lot has slipped thru the cracks. However, a lot has been accomplished as well.

I have the misfortune to be involved in helping a family sort out the possible wrongful death due to nursing home negligence. I do not want to put out names. I certainly do not want to be guilty of slander. However, I am very saddened by these events and the necessity of my having to help this family with this particular issue. This gentleman was very young – there is no excuse for this happening.

I am helping a neighbor deal with some medical issues. I helped him get disability last year. Now, he has some major problems and is in need of someone like me to help him swim through the system to get his needs met. This gentleman is one of those who gets on disability but has to wait two years for Medicare to kick in. Yet, his monthly income is too high for Medicaid. There is a huge gap in the system that leaves a lot of people in a hard position when it comes to healthcare. Here in the Greater New Orleans area, the only option is the Charity system. Unfortunately, it is not an easy system to work through. There are some Medicaid programs that will help temporarily. Again, you have to know the system to know what to apply for. That is where I come in. All too often, people go without because they don’t know where to turn. Even many healthcare professionals do not know how it all works. (I think I’m ranting here – evidence of the frustration of dealing with so many people who have very little place to turn.)

I am also working with a young lady who has been forced to face a life she did not choose for herself. At 24 years old, her husband left her when she was one month away from delivering their third child. She has been blessed beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. God has provided an apartment for her – at a great discount. He has also provided a job for her. We both know it is only by God’s design that she got this job. She has very little experience. She has a High School Diploma – no college. And yet, she has been hired as a Shift Supervisor for Rite Aid. And very close to where she lives. She has been approved for Welfare – although this will be temporary because she got a job. The system will pursue getting child support from her husband – so, she will not have to hire an attorney. God has blessed this family over and over. I am honored to be a part of His great work in their lives.

I have begun to work with a new client – a 98 year old lady who looks 78! And she is so adorable. She is only on two prescription medications – and one is eye drops! We have been to a few appointments together and she is such a joy to be with. This lady still socializes so much – one card game event lasts until 3 or 4 in the morning! She often comments “I must be getting old.” And I realized this week that her birthday is the same as one of my favorite clients who died a few years ago. It’s almost like God gave me someone else to take her place.

I have finalized closing the book with a client – I needed to return some funds sent to me to use for her expenses. I am sad about this. I am particularly sad that a professional (social worker) evaluated this lady last year in the spring and chose to tell my client rumors that went around several years ago. False rumors that she had no business sharing with this lady. It was unprofessional and it added to the already difficult situation before us with this lady. I struggle with this because I was not able to help this lady. And I struggle with whether or not to confront this social worker for what she did.

I continue to be counsel for a friend who had to put her mother in a nursing home. I am happy to be there for her as she sorts through the system with that particular facility. I am also happy to be available for her to just vent when she is frustrated or to assure her that she is not crazy. It is hopeful that the nursing home placement is temporary. But, God is gracious to provide for their needs at this time in their life. And I am grateful to be able to witness God’s working in and through their lives.

I could probably list quite a few more examples of God’s using me to intervene in someone’s life. Every day is a new day filled with hope and God’s grace that covers me as well as the lives He entrusts to my care. And I am so honored and humbled to be the one He has chosen to minister to these people. Healthcare Solutions – A Christian Ministry is the dream of a lifetime. And I would not trade this life for any other. Thank You God!

In closing, I ask that you consider a financial donation to this ministry. Funds are really low – donations have been low for a few months. As you are filing taxes and you get a refund, please consider donation a portion of that refund to God’s work in and through this ministry. It takes over $2,000 a month to efficiently run this ministry. At this point, there is only $550 in regular monthly donations. The rest comes from individual donations throughout the year. Please note the address change below.

Thank you all and God Bless each one of you.