It is Thursday night, March 28, 2013 – Holy Thursday. The day we celebrate what is known as The Last Supper. Jesus had His last meal with the 12 Apostles. Tomorrow we celebrate Good Friday – the day Jesus hung on a cross and died a horrible death so that we might have life. But, more important than any other holiday we celebrate, this Sunday we celebrate Easter Sunday – the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead, putting to rest the completion of the Gospel.

As I sit here thinking of what a great time of year this is, I am overwhelmed at the trust God has in me to do the things He allows me to do each and every day. And these days it has been very busy.

I have had to place two clients in nursing homes. I have not had to do that in years. I am so happy to report that both seem to be accepting their situation much better than expected. Now I face the daunting task of cleaning out their apartments and making sure they have what they need in the nursing home.

In the midst of this I continue to serve others with doctor’s appointments, Pharmacy runs, and other various needs. I find myself getting frustrated and even impatient with some. My day today started around 9 AM and I did not get home until 8:30. And, yet, I have some who will complain because I did not do something their way because it would take too long. Another being demanding about what I am to do and when and how. A big problem I face on a regular basis is the reality that most of the people I serve do not grasp the magnitude of what I do for them and the sacrifice I make on a daily basis so they can get their needs met. I don’t often get here, and it is very uncomfortable.

As I pause to remember the events that happened over 2000 years ago to secure a place in heaven for you and for me I am reminded of just how much I do not deserve what Jesus did for me. And the reality is that none of us deserve what Jesus did for us. Yet, He did it. And the gift is there for the taking. And I must remember that the people I serve usually do not even know who Jesus is and just what an amazing gift He has waiting for them. So, I must remember that and treat them just as Jesus treated the unbelievers in His life while He walked this earth.

I have been trying to raise the money to purchase a handicapped accessible van. It is something that would be a huge blessing to this ministry. I have clients that have the hardest time getting into my current vehicle. One is too large, two are too small! This van would resolve both those issues. It would also give me the space to be able to evacuate in the event of a hurricane. Last year I evacuated three ladies and two cats. At this point, those same ladies and one cat are still on the list if need. And, there is now a dog in the mix.

I trust God’s faithfulness to provide. At times, I know I step in and try to make things happen when God wants me to rely totally and completely on Him.

Please consider being one who is part of the small group to financially support this ministry. I still need about $10,000 for the van. This does not count the regular monthly expenses. Remember all donations are tax deductible. And God’s word tells us that when we give He promises to bless you ten-fold.

I also could use some help this weekend cleaning out those two apartments. If you can give some time on Saturday, please contact me for the details.

I leave you with the scripture verses that I believe God has charged me very specifically with what I am doing. God bless each of you. May you have a glorious Easter.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for men. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23, 24