May 1st, 2013 marked nine years for Healthcare Solutions – A Christian Ministry. It is sometimes hard to believe and then again, I can’t imagine what else I would be doing. It is so wonderful to be doing exactly what I know God wants from me.

It’s been awhile since I sent out an update on activity. I was so focused on raising money for the van. I am happy to report that I picked up the van on Friday April 12th. It is truly a blessing.

My two clients in nursing homes are doing OK. The man really has not communicated with me much – only in the last couple of weeks has he started calling me again. I met up with him at Winn Dixie and he was able to see my van and actually ride into the back with his electric wheelchair. He was happy about it – but, at the same time, a little discouraged. He was one who I knew would benefit from me having the van. The Social Worker at his facility was not at all welcoming to me when he was admitted. She said she could do everything I offered. So, I backed off. Now he is telling me that she has not done any of what she was supposed to do AND she is blaming the negligence on me. I hope he will allow me to help him now.

The other client who went into a nursing home is having her struggles. That facility has welcomed me with open arms – the exact opposite from the first facility. However, they have had their share of mess-ups. The good thing is that they are quick to take responsibility for their mistakes and rectify the situation. And, I am much more tolerable with someone who is willing to listen and correct. This client is going to have knee surgery. We found out yesterday. She is realizing that if she had allowed me to get that knee checked out almost a year ago when she first hurt it, she may not have ended up in a nursing home. I am feeling the burden of her care. I am the only one that takes her to doctor appointments, gets her to WalMart, and just visit with her. Her son only sees her maybe twice a month. He lives close enough that he could easily see her at least once a week. Her daughter lives farther away – but, she will only come once a month. It is frustrating to see a family at odds with each other. The daughter does help financially. The son only takes. It is pretty sad. And my client is very aware and it makes her sad. So, she calls me daily and expects frequent visits. While she understands that I have others to care for, she is lonely and disappointed in her children.

Another client also seems to be declining. She is 67-1/2 years old. I find myself in a position that I am not happy about. She has done very well for over four years and I know moving to a more restricted environment will be depressing to her. However, she has said herself that she thinks nursing home is not so far away. I am trying to encourage her to continue on and do as much as her body will allow. The one thing that is so hard to go thru is watching someone die from depression. And I am afraid a nursing home may do that to her. I pray that she is able to stay in her house and not have to go into a nursing home at all. She is dealing with Parkinson’s symptoms – primarily a shuffled gait. I really feel bad for her. And she fell last Friday hitting her head and bruising her backside. We ended up in the ER in the middle of the nite Sunday nite because she was having sharp pains in her head. I am happy to report that all went well. But, this is evidence of the need to be hyper vigilant in watching her.

I still work with a 99-1/2 year old lady. She has gotten better about getting out and doing for herself. She is quite capable. You would never know her age looking at her. It has taken over a year to undo some of the damage friends of hers did by questioning her and causing her to doubt herself – even though there was no reason. I am already looking forward to a huge birthday bash for her in September.

I continue to take a man to work-out with a trainer – three days a week. My van is definitely a huge help with him. I can strap down his wheelchair as opposed to trying to pack him into the front seat like a can of sardines. I’ve also been able to bring him to some doctor appointments relieving stress from the family. He is like family to me because he is my best friend’s dad!

I have begun working with a lady that had moved away a year or so ago. I actually helped her move. It seems things declined and she had to move back in with her daughter. She is quite different from before and that is a good thing. We are trying to find a new psychiatrist for her. She is stuck on thinking she needs a certain medication – the problem is you can’t just go to any psychiatrist and tell them what medication you want. Even though she may be right, it just doesn’t happen that way. So, she has been frustrated with that issue. And, add to that, she needs a colonoscopy! That makes two clients and myself all having colonoscopies around the same time. This lady is so aware of all that is happening to her and I feel for her. She thinks she is a burden to her daughter and grandchildren. And she is constantly tell me that she can no longer feel love. How sad. I am hoping we can make progress with her to feel better. I think it is going to take a little time – maybe more than she would like. But, I will press in with her until we get things done.

One lady who has been in a nursing home since right after Katrina seems to be doing fairly well. She had a setback and had to give up her walker and use a wheelchair only because of a sore on her leg. However, it does sound like she is about to get back to the walker.

I have also had some smaller, less time consuming, appointments – dropping people off at the doctor, making a run to the bank, etc. And there has been a few business matters. I am now Power of Attorney for three clients. We have had to do some banking things together to get things in order. As of today I do believe all of that is behind us.

I have to admit that my body is moving much slower than it used to be. I’m not 18 anymore and I sure do feel it. I have had my share of medical issues since Christmas. Nothing life-threatening. Really just a pain! I am scheduled to have surgery on my foot on Thursday June 27th. I am hoping for some much needed relief to the pain I have been experiencing in my foot.

As you can see, things do not slow down. I am grateful to God for His provisions in such a mighty way. I ask that you carefully and prayerfully consider a donation to this ministry. It takes about $3,000 a month to run Healthcare Solutions – A Christian Ministry efficiently. At this time I have about $625 a month in regular donations. Please consider being one that helps with monthly expenses. At this time it is urgent as funds are extremely low. Remember, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you all for your generosity and support.