Here at Healthcare Solutions – A Christian Ministry we do so many things on a daily basis that it is hard to put to words.  However, there are some basics that we do.  These things always tend to lead us to other tasks for our clients.  And with all this – we do not bill.

Apply for Social Security Benefits – either Disability or Retirement

Guide in applying for Veterans Benefits

Assist with Food Stamp Applications

Help with understanding Medicare vs Medicaid and all the other insurances

Manage Care – includes medication lay out, going to doctors appointments, communicating with family about these appointments, making sure they have food and necessities, making sure they are safe in their home alone, evaluating handicap accessibility, even for some – managing their money.

Consult with families on their loved one – this may just mean giving counsel and advice on how things work and pointing them in the right direction, it may mean talking over a situation and finding the best solution for the current problem, it may be education on a particular program.  This is something that can require 15-20 minutes or one hour or even a visit of up to two hours.

What We DO NOT Do

We are not a transportation service.

We do not provide caregivers.

We do not recommend caregivers.